Self-Assessment Tool

Is your organisation doing everything it could be to keep children and young people safe in sport? This online self-assessment tool will help you find out.

Note: We will shortly be releasing a new, improved Self-Assessment Tool template and this version will be discontinued. Please ensure that you have completed your work on this template or transferred it to the new template by 30 September as after this it will no longer be accessible.

The tool will take you through the Standards for safeguarding children in sport developed by the Child Protection in Sport Unit. There are simple questions for each of the nine standards elements which will help you assess what your organisation still needs to do. We have produced an information pack to guide you through each step in a bit more detail. The pack will open as a PDF document (see download below), so you can refer to it at any time without losing your place in the tool.

If you want to save your progress, please click 'Save and email myself'. This will create a unique hyperlink which you can email to yourself. You can use this link at any time to take you back to your saved overview page.

Get started >

Download information packGet our full information pack with everything you need to know

Policy >

Areas covered:
  • Do you have a safeguarding/child protection policy?
  • Does it prioritise the welfare of children?
  • Is the policy clear & easy to understand?
  • Is the policy publicised effectively?
  • Is there a process for dealing with concerns?
  • 0/5

Implementation & monitoring >

Areas covered:
  • What steps will be taken to safeguard children?
  • Are resources available to help implement these?
  • Will regular reviews be put in place?
  • Will young people & parents be involved?
  • Are safeguarding concerns or complaints recorded & monitored?
  • 0/5

Procedures & systems >

Areas covered:
  • Is it clear what to do if there are concerns about a child?
  • Is there guidance on photography, social media, texting & emailing?
  • Can everyone access the child protection procedures?
  • Is there a designated safeguarding person in the organisation?
  • Are complaints about abusive behaviour dealt with effectively?
  • 0/5

Prevention >

Areas covered:
  • Are there procedures for recruiting people working with children?
  • Are there clear ways to raise concerns about unacceptable behaviour by staff/volunteers?
  • Is there a safeguarding plan for trips & transporting children?
  • Do you ensure that children are always supervised when you provide activities?
  • 0/4

Education & training >

Areas covered:
  • Is there an induction process for staff & volunteers in significant contact with children?
  • Are all staff & volunteers provided with relevant safeguarding training?
  • Are children provided with information on where to go to for help & advice?
  • Is support available to individuals affected by safeguarding concerns?
  • 0/4

Access to advice & support >

Areas covered:
  • Do children have information about where to get help & support?
  • Do those with designated safeguarding roles have access to specialist advice & information?
  • Is support available to individuals involved in an investigation or complaint?
  • 0/3

Codes of practice & behaviour >

Areas covered:
  • Do you have a code of ethics?
  • Is guidance available on expected standards of behaviour?
  • Is there guidance on expected behaviour of children towards other children?
  • Are there processes for dealing with unacceptable behaviour?
  • Do senior management ensure children are listened to & respected?
  • 0/5

Equality >

Areas covered:
  • Is your safeguarding policy clear that all children have equal rights to protection?
  • Are staff/volunteers supported to recognise & respond to additional vulnerability of some children?
  • Are your codes of conduct clear that discriminatory, offensive & violent behaviour is unacceptable?
  • Are complaints procedures fair & open to challenge through an appeals process?
  • 0/4

Communication >

Areas covered:
  • Is the organisation openly committed to safeguarding?
  • Are young people aware of their right to be safe from abuse?
  • Do young people & parents know where to go for help with concerns about child abuse/safeguarding?
  • Is information provided clear and easy for everyone to understand?
  • Does everyone know who to contact if they have concerns?
  • 0/5