Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport

Last updated: 07 Sep 2018 Topics: Safeguarding standards

These Standards provide a framework for all those involved in sport to help them create a safe sporting environment for children and young people and protect them from harm.

The Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport (PDF) also seek to provide a benchmark to help those involved in sport make informed decisions, and to promote good practice and challenge poor practice.

Author: NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)
Published: 2002, revised 2018

The 2018 update brings the document in line with changes in legislation, government guidance and safeguarding practice. It also includes some changes in light of evaluation and the application of the standards by a significant number of sports bodies and county sports partnerships.

The 10 standards

  1. Policy and procedures for responding to concerns
  2. Operating systems
  3. Prevention
  4. Codes of ethics and conduct
  5. Equity
  6. Communication
  7. Education and training
  8. Access to advice and support
  9. Implementation and monitoring
  10. Influencing

Standard 10 was introduced in 2006 to reflect the changes within sport and the growing role some sports organisations have in influencing the delivery of local sports.

Assessing your organisation

We have developed an interactive online self-assessment tool that will take you step by step through standards 1-9. simple questions will help you assess which elements of the standards your organisation still needs to work on.

Download the standards (PDF)

Previous version

If you began working through the standards prior to 2016 and require access to the previous version you can download the previous version here. Organisations new to the standards should work through the 2018 revision.

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