Changes to positions of trust legislation

Last updated: 07 Sept 2022 Topics: Duty of care Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Safe recruitment
In this podcast episode, we talk with our colleagues in the NSPCC about the new legislation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland which makes it illegal for someone in a position of trust in sports and faith organisations to have a sexual relationship with someone aged 16-17 in their care. 
The extension to the positions of trust legislation comes after the NSPCC’s ‘Close the Loophole’ campaign. In this podcast we analyse who is included in the extension to the law and what this means for your organisation.
We talk about:
  • what the new law is and what it means for sports organisations
  • why the law needed to be extended
  • 'Close the Loophole'
  • what changes should be implemented to safeguard children and young people
  • the importance of reviewing and updating safeguarding policies

Can’t see the player? You can also listen to this podcast on our Audioboom channel or on the NSPCC's YouTube channel.


  • Becky Groarke – Information Officer, CPSU
  • Jude Toasland – Senior Consultant, CPSU
  • Cate Meredith – Senior Consultant, NSPCC consultancy team
  • Shirley Maginley – Senior Consultant, NSPCC consultancy team
  • Fiona Becker – Senior Consultant, NSPCC consultancy team