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Positions of trust – FAQs about the changes

Topics: Duty of care Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Safe recruitment Type: Best practice

We have put together a document to answer your frequently asked questions about this change to the law regarding positions of trust. 

Improving parent–coach relationships – strategies for coaches

Topics: Duty of care Trips, events and travel Parents in sport Type: Best practice

This guidance provides coaches with helpful strategies to follow to improve and manage potential issues between coaches and parents and build a good relationship.

Negotiating the post-game conversation

Topics: Duty of care Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

Competitions can be emotional for children, parents and coaches, so ensuring that feedback is well-timed and delivered appropriately is very important. 

Creating effective safeguarding plans

Topics: Duty of care Type: Video & audio

A video presentation about creating effective safeguarding plans

Safeguarding plan template

Topics: Duty of care Type: Forms

This template safeguarding plan can be adapted for use by your organisation or club. 

Sports club registration and consent form

Topics: Duty of care Type: Forms

A template for sports organisations to create their own registration and consent forms.

Changes to positions of trust legislation

Topics: Duty of care Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Safe recruitment Type: Video & audio
In this podcast episode, we talk with our colleagues in the NSPCC about the new legislation passed in England and Wales on 28th June 2022, and soon Northern Ireland, which makes it illegal for someone in a position of trust in sports and faith organisations to have a sexual relationship with someone aged 16-17 in their care. 

How safe are our children? 2020

Topics: Online safety Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Research Duty of care Type: Research

This NSPCC report compiles and analyses the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the four nations in the UK for 2020.

Club or activity poster – Who can I speak to about a concern?

Topics: Safeguarding standards Community and school sports Duty of care Type: Publications

Download these free posters to help you signpost everyone within your organisation to who they can talk to if they have a concern.