Parents' grass-roots involvement in sport

Last updated: 07 Oct 2019 Topics: Deaf and disabled children Parents in sport

Sport parents are unsung champions; from washing kit to being a personal cheerleader or taxi driver, parents and carers do it all! But part of this role also means making sure that young athletes sport is a safe place for them to thrive, grow and enjoy.

Join us as we have a chat with Helen and Ali, two passionate sport parents, about the very different roles they play in their children's sports, as well as Dr Camilla Knight, Sport Scientist at Swansea University and a bit of an expert when it comes to sport parents.

Key takeaways

We'll be hearing about how sports parents:

  • support young athletes
  • build the coach/parent relationship
  • discuss what's expected from your child's sports club
  • highlight the responsibilities of a sport parent
  • choose a sports club for your budding young athlete
  • discuss sport safeguarding 101; who to report your concerns to

Can’t see the player? You can also listen to this podcast on our Audioboom channel.


  • Dr Camilla Knight – Sports Scientist at Swansea University
  • Mel Addams – CPSU Safeguarding Information Officer
  • Ali – Sport parent to a 7 year old who does disability swimming & trampoline and a 4 year old who does swimming
  • Helen - Sport parent to a 5 year old who does gymnastics, swimming & horse riding and a 2 year old who does toddler football and swimming
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