Parenting young people in competitive sport

Last updated: 17 Oct 2019 Topics: Parents in sport Elite athletes

In the second of our podcasts on parental involvement, we take a deep dive into what it's like parenting young athletes who compete in competitive sport and how  safeguarding is paramount.

Mel, our CPSU Information Officer, is joined by Jen and Lisa, two sports parents whose young athletes compete at a high level.

We'll be hearing about:

  • the reality of being a sport parent for higher performance young athletes
    the competitive sport community
  • the importance of parental support in sport clubs and organisations
  • parent/coach trust
  • choosing the right club for your young athlete
  • parental behaviour at matches and how it's managed

Can’t see the player? You can also listen to this podcast on our Audioboom channel.


  • Mel Addams – CPSU Safeguarding Information Officer
  • Jen and Lisa – sports mums of 5 young people (ages 7 to 11) involved in competitive sports
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