Online safety for sport

Last updated: 18 May 2020 Topics: Online safety

In this podcast, we explore how sports organisations can keep children and young people safe whilst participating in virtual sport and physical activity.

Coving the unique safeguarding challenges faced by sports clubs and organisations during the COVID-19 era we explore the vital topic of ensuring safety of children and young people in sport, especially in the context of virtual activities.

With the world moving online more and more, COVID was an excellent learning curve for understanding and shifting sport safeguarding policies to suit the virtual realm. Discover strategies, safeguarding policies and insights on how to create a secure online environment for young people.

Liza Ware, CPSU Senior Consultants, is joined by our NSPCC colleagues to talk about the online shift and how safeguarding procedures are still met.

In this episode we cover:

  • the ever-changing nature of technology and apps
  • safeguarding considerations for online platforms
  • the importance of an online social media policy for all clubs and organisations
  • understanding how to use a social media platform safely
  • getting young people to understand what online abuse is
  • the do's and don'ts of clubs tagging members in social media

Can’t see the player? You can also listen to this podcast on our Audioboom channel.


  • Liza Ware – CPSU Senior Consultant
  • Laura Randall – NSPCC Head of Strategy (online safety lead)
  • Helen Westerman – NSPCC Service Head for Local Campaigns (NSPCC online safety lead)

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