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WhatsApp go-to guide for sports

Topics: Online safety Type: Tools

This WhatsApp guide provides helpful safeguarding information for sports who are thinking of using or, already using the app to communicate with children and young people. 

The impact of social media use on young athletes' body image

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Online safety Photographing children Type: Video & audio
In this podcast episode, we talk to Swim England about the impact that social media can have on young people's body image and what changes sport can make to ensure that their wellbeing is supported online. 

Remote teaching and coaching

Topics: Online safety Type: Best practice

Safeguarding guidance for sports organisations and clubs on online teaching and coaching to help them stay in touch with teams and club members during the coronavirus pandemic. 

How safe are our children? 2020

Topics: Online safety Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Research Duty of care Type: Research

This NSPCC report compiles and analyses the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the four nations in the UK for 2020.

Online safety – training scenarios

Topics: Online safety Type: Video & audio

You can use these scenarios with staff and volunteers in your sport to identify any gaps in knowledge when dealing with online safety concerns. 

Sample online safety and social media policy

Topics: Online safety Type: Policies

This sample policy gives organisations an idea of the types of safeguards they should outline to protect children and young people online.

Virtual events and competitions for children

Topics: Trips, events and travel Online safety Type: Best practice

Advice for activators and coaches on running virtual events or competitions for children. This briefing paper outlines your safeguarding responsibilities and how to mitigate any risks associated with using digital platforms.

Sample acceptable use statement for the internet and social media

Topics: Online safety Type: Forms

Sample statement for sports clubs to help make children and parents aware of their policies on acceptable behaviour on the internet and social media.

Online safety for sport

Topics: Online safety Type: Video & audio

In this podcast, we explore the how sports organisations can keep children and young people safe whilst participating in virtual sport and physical activity.

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