A journey to better safeguarding with the LTA

Last updated: 17 Mar 2021 Topics: Athlete wellbeing Elite athletes

In this insightful episode, The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) give details on the intricacies of developing their latest sport safeguarding strategy and how to implement cultural and procedural change.

Join us as we find out how the LTA navigate the challenges associated with embedding both cultural and procedure change on such a large scale at a national, regional and club level. We'll be offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of sports governance and safeguarding.

Carole Billington-Wood, CPSU Senior Consultant, leads this panel covering:

  • the importance of volunteers for safeguarding in sport
  • cultural and procedural change
  • creating a safeguarding officer structure
  • developing a sport safeguarding strategy
  • implementing safeguarding change across home nations

Tune in for a deep dive into the meticulous process of safeguarding in sport and discover how sports clubs and organisations can spearhead change.

Despite this podcast using tennis as an example, it’s packed with learning, tips and advice to any sport, at all levels, who might want to bolster their safeguarding practice.

Can’t see the player? You can also listen to this episode on our Audioboom channel.


  • Carole Billington-Wood – CPSU Senior Consultant
  • Melanie Addams – CPSU Safeguarding Information Officer
  • David Humphrey – LTA Head of Safeguarding
  • Ian Alexander – LTA County Safeguarding Officer
  • Holly Bambridge – LTA Under 14’s Coach

Further information

To find out more about the LTA's safeguarding policies and their new strategy, visit their safeguarding pages on the LTA website.


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