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The impact of social media use on young athletes' body image

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Online safety Photographing children Type: Video & audio
In this podcast episode, we talk to Swim England about the impact that social media can have on young people's body image and what changes sport can make to ensure that their wellbeing is supported online. 

Overtraining syndrome and overuse injury in young athletes

Topics: Elite athletes Research Athlete wellbeing Type: Research

This research article defines overuse injuries and overtraining syndrome. It looks at how prevalent they are in sport and how to reduce the risks for young athletes.

Negotiating the post-game conversation

Topics: Duty of care Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

Competitions can be emotional for children, parents and coaches, so ensuring that feedback is well-timed and delivered appropriately is very important. 

Heatwave advice

Topics: Trips, events and travel Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

Good-practice guidance from the NHS on heat health. It lists risks and actions to consider when planning sports events.

Key themes, learning and recommendations from the Whyte Review

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

This briefing paper outlines each recommendation from The Whyte Review and the implications for the sports sector, including any actions planned by the CPSU.

Sample mental health and wellbeing statement

Topics: Mental health and wellbeing Athlete wellbeing Type: Policies

You can adapt this mental health and wellbeing sample statement to support your sports organisation's existing safeguarding policies and to demonstrate your commitment to protecting young people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

Supporting young athletes with anxiety

Topics: Elite athletes Mental health and wellbeing Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

This guidance explores anxiety within a sports context, outlining possible signs and symptoms and what you should do if you suspect that a young person is struggling with an anxiety disorder.

Creating safer cultures in sport – Learning from lived experience

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Elite athletes Duty of care Type: Video & audio

In this podcast, we talk with former professional footballer Paul Stewart about the impact that childhood abuse has had on him and how to create a safer culture in sport.

Speaking out in sport – for parents

Topics: Parents in sport Athlete wellbeing Type: Video & audio

This short animation helps parents to understand why it's important that everyone plays a role in keeping children safe in sport and how to speak out if they have any concerns. 

Body image, weight management and disordered eating in sport

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Elite athletes Type: Video & audio

In this podcast mini series, we'll talk with Dr Carolyn Plateau we'll be talking about disordered eating and eating disorders in sport.