A Code for Sports Governance

Last updated: 01 Sep 2023 Topics: Safeguarding standards

The Sport England and UK Sport Code for Sports Governance sets out the good-governance requirements for sports bodies to receive public funding.

The code has a tiered approach, so that the requirements that must be met will depend on the size of the organisation and the level of funding it receives.

Authors: Sport England and UK Sport
Published: 2016 (launched), 2021 (revised)

Among the changes announced in 2021, there was the need for bodies in receipt of substantial public funding from either Sport England and UK Sport to have a detailed Diversity and inclusion action plan (DIAP).

Sport England and UK Sport, will work with their funded partners to help with the changes and timeframes anticipated for producing and publishing a DIAP.

The Code's revisions also include that Tier 3 organisations are required to appoint a welfare and safety lead director on the board. This is in response to heightened concerns around welfare and safety in sport and activity. 

Alongside the 2021 Code, a supporting booklet has been created for Tier 1, which includes:

  • the minimum level of mandatory governance requirements as part of the Code
  • guidance and support tools specific for the tier
  • a diversity audit report (following Perrett Laver’s survey which began in 2018)

Read more about the revised Code for Sports Governance


A Code for Sports Governance (PDF)

Further information

In England, the Working together to safeguard children guidance already affords statutory status for all organisations providing services to children, including sports bodies.

The CPSU’s Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport reflects statutory requirements and government guidance, and are referenced in the Code.