Case data collection research project

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023 Topics: Case management

The case data collection tool is a piece of research coordinated between the CPSU and Loughborough University to capture data about safeguarding cases in sport. 

Development of the tool

The need to collect data about safeguarding issues in sport in a standardised way was identified in the 2017 Duty of Care in Sport – Independent Report to Government.

Following this, work began to develop the case data collection tool. The collaboration began with Dr Daniel Rhind, of Loughborough University, CPSU consultants and a small group of NGBs. The group worked together to create a common template to collect safeguarding case data.

The tool was piloted and further refined through 2017 and 2018. It has since been used by 39 NGBs of varying size and structure.

This standardised data collected by the tool each year is anonymised and analysed to identify themes and trends. 

The threshold for cases to be included in the analysis was that the case was judged to be sufficiently serious to involve referral to, consultation with, or contact from the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO), children’s services or the police.

The research is coordinated by a steering group that includes representatives from NGBs as well as Dr Rhind, the CPSU, Sport England and Sport Wales.

Benefits of this research

The information gathered is vital to:

  • identify safeguarding trends across the sector
  • inform learning
  • inform campaigns
  • plan support services for sports organisations
  • identify and address the sector’s case-management resource needs moving forward

Taking part in the research

For NGBs wishing to take part, written guidance on using the case data collection tool is provided, and members of the steering group are available to provide implementation support.

Participating NGBs are using the tool in the way that suits them best:

  • some adopted the tool as a basis for their own case management system
  • some integrated it within their existing system
  • some operate the tool alongside their established system

NGBs are required to submit data to CPSU using the collection tool once a year.

If you work for an NGB and would like to contribute case data to this research, please email us at

The steering group and Loughborough University are committed to developing and widening this research in the future.

Latest findings

Each year the anonymised data is analysed and a report is produced to show the key findings. 

Download the latest report