Anna's story video and scenario

Last updated: 03 Oct 2017 Topics: Deaf and disabled children Involving children and young people

This video scenario and support guidance, created by the CPSU, shows how a coach struggles to include a disabled athlete into the club activities.

The supporting video and scenario guidance outline how your sports club or organisation can effectively include deaf and disabled young people within your activities and have a athlete-centred approach.

Anna's Story Video

A video clip of Anna, a disabled girl, attending a sports session. Her coach struggles to accommodate and include her effectively in the activity. Some of Anna's peers begin to bully her verbally.

Advice on safeguarding deaf and disabled children in sport

A video clip featuring two professionals commenting on a scenario featuring Anna, a young disabled child, involved in a sports activity. They reflect on the difficulties the coach experienced in including Anna in the activities and offer suggestions about a more positive approach to meeting Anna's needs in this context.

Anna'a story scenario guidance

This scenario guidance provides sports clubs and organisations with tools for how to effectively include deaf and disabled young people.

It outlines the responsibilities of clubs and organisations to enable all children (including deaf and disabled children) to take part in their activities and the steps that can be put in place to enable this to happen.

It also outlines why disabled young people are more vulnerable to abuse than many of their peers and provides discussion points for your organisation to think about and follow up on within your setting. 

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For more on this subject, see our topic page on safeguarding deaf and disabled children.