Parental involvement in sport – scenarios

Last updated: 30 Apr 2019 Topics: Parents in sport Inappropriate or concerning behaviour

Use these examples of negative parental behaviour and the correlating responses to help staff in your organisation manage any situations which may arise in your sport. 

These scenarios would be best used as part of a group activity as it's helpful to have a discussion around how each situation might be handled differently by individuals.

Each scenario gets coaches and staff to think about:

  • how and by whom should this situation be managed and responded to?
  • what policies and processes will apply?
  • what steps could have been taken to reduce the likelihood of this situation arising?

All the scenarios are accompanied by a suggested response and action plan to help clubs, coaches and staff identify best practice in each situation. 

Download the scenarios

Further information

Visit our Keeping your child safe in sport topic page for help and advice on promoting the positive role parents can play in their child's sport.

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