Promoting positive parental involvement – PowerPoint template

Last updated: 23 Aug 2023 Topics: Parents in sport Trips, events and travel Community and school sports

Coaches, clubs and other sports organisations can use this presentation template (in PowerPoint format) to talk to parents about how they can positively get involved.

You or your organisation can use this presentation as part of a face to face session with parents to show them how they can be a positive influence on their child's involvement in sport. 

Meeting with parents and showing this presentation or having a more informal chat can help parents feel valued and involved in their child's sport and helps parents to support their child. 

What's covered

  • the benefits of parents being involved in youth sport
  • how parents can positively get involved in their child's sport
  • strategies for parents who want to get involved in a positive way
Download the template (.pptx)

Further information

For more on this subject, see our guidance on promoting positive parental behaviour on our Parents in sport topic pages.

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