ADHD, Autism and taking part in sport

Last updated: 29 Apr 2024 Topics: Deaf and disabled children

In this mini webinar, we discuss how people in sport and activities can include and safeguard neurodivergent children and young people.

CPSU's Laura Whapham, is joined by Hope Capurro from the National Children’s Bureau (NCB). We also hear from young people with additional support needs about their experiences of taking part in sport.

The young people shared:

  • their experiences of joining their chosen sport 
  • how coaches, staff and other adults support them to take part 
  • any challenges they have faced in accessing or taking part in sport 
  • the importance of sport in their lives 

You can also watch this webinar recording on You Tube.

This webinar was recorded in April 2024.

Note: The terms neurodiverse and neurodiversity are used in this webinar recording. We understand that these may not be the preferred terms currently being used by young people and professionals. We are committed to reviewing and amending the language we use as we learn more about this subject. 

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