Online safety – training scenarios

Last updated: 03 Mar 2021 Topics: Online safety

These videos have been designed for sports organisations to use during group sessions or training with staff on the subject of online safety. 

Each video poses a scenario, asks viewers to think about the potential responses and details the actions that could be taken to manage the concern in question and improve practice. 

You can use these videos to help identify any gaps in knowledge and improve your case management processes around online safety concerns. 

Scenario 1: Cyberbullying in sport

Key points

  • national governing bodies usually have their own policies and procedures for dealing with online safety or bullying concerns which clubs can refer to for guidance
  • it's good practice to have strong anti-bullying and online safety guidelines in place to both prevent and address concerns of this nature
  • staff should be aware of online safety policies and anti-bullying policies 
  • online training may also be helpful in order to identify concerns

For further guidance on cyberbullying, visit our anti-bullying topic page.

Scenario 2: Online grooming in sport

Key points

For further information on grooming and how to prevent it, visit our grooming resource page.

Further information

For more on online safety, take a look at our online safety topic page where you'll find a wealth of information, resources and templates. 

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