Banter vs bullying in sport

Last updated: 17 Nov 2023 Topics: Anti-bullying

In this mini webinar, presented by CPSU Senior Consultant Saara Ruotsalainen, we explore the differences between banter and bullying. 

We look at what banter might look like in sport, why it can be so commonplace and how to identify when banter might be crossing the line into bullying behaviour. This webinar was recorded in November 2023 during Anti-Bullying Week.

You can also watch this webinar recording on You Tube.

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See our Anti-bullying topic pages for further guidance.

The research referenced in this webinar, 'It can be a very fine line: Professional Footballers' Perceptions of the Conceptual Divide Between Bullying and Banter 2022,' appears in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.  

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