Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (Scotland)

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The Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport build on the current safeguarding system to help create a culture in sport that promotes, supports and safeguards children’s wellbeing in Scotland.

Developed by sportscotland and Children 1st, the standards also see a strengthening of the existing minimum operating requirements (MORs).

Author: sportscotland
Published: 2017

The 8 standards

  1. Every child is respected without discrimination
  2. Every child's wellbeing is promoted, supported and safeguarded
  3. Every child is protected from abuse when taking part in our sport
  4. Every child has a say in our sport
  5. Volunteers and staff working with children go through an appointment and selection process
  6. Volunteers and staff working with children are well supported to deliver our sport
  7. The sports organisation is managed well and is accountable
  8. The sports organisation evaluates how it safeguards children and makes improvements if necessary

You can read more about and download the standards on the sportscotland website. 

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