Positive sports parents – supporting talented young athletes

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This video for parents looks at how they can prepare and support their child to achieve to the best of their ability. It's excerpted from a longer interview with Dr Camilla Knight titled 'Positive sports parents – valuing their contribution'.

How parents can prepare and support talented young athletes

Key points

  • a parent’s role extends from securing access to the right training and coaching, to offering emotional and strategic support pre- and post-competition, as well as being there for the competition itself

  • in addition to providing funding and transport for training, a parent can help their child get in the right frame of mind to be motivated and focussed before a session

  • parents can also help young people reflect on what they’ve learned from the training and identify areas for improvement

  • in the lead-up to a competition, a parent knows how their child is feeling and can help tailor strategies for coping with crowds and the emotions of the other young athletes

  • parents can boost their child’s self-esteem by letting them know they’re looking forward to watching them enjoy their sport and improving on their performance, rather than focussing on winning – this translates into improved spectator behaviour too

  • a parent can be there for post-event analysis when their child is ready to have that conversation

  • by engaging in positive discussion, parents can understand what their child wants to achieve, so that both parent and child will better enjoy this involvement in sport

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Further information

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