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These short clips for parents look at how they can help young people play and achieve to the best of their ability. They're excerpts from a longer interview with Dr Camilla Knight titled 'Positive sports parents – valuing their contribution'.

Messages for parents of young athletes

Key points

  • to best be involved in your child’s sporting life, talk to your child
  • understand why they’re participating
  • let them know why you want them to enjoy sport
  • work out shared goals, which will lead to a shared understanding about what their sport means to them
  • through positive practices, talk to your child about how they feel about your involvement

The role of parents in supporting children and young people in sport

Key points

  • parents play a critical role in the early stages of a child becoming a young athlete but the impact is felt throughout their sporting career 
  • parents provide key emotional support – especially in learning how to deal with winning and losing
  • children model their behaviour on their parents, learning to enjoy participating in sport and what makes a good sportsperson
  • likewise, young people’s behaviour as spectators is based on how their parents react at competitions
  • parents also actively help children understand what it means to participate in sport and respond in different situations

The importance of parents in sport

Key points

  • it's too easy to think of negative media stories about over-involved parents
  • 'pushy parents' are only a minority of parents
  • some parents worry about this negative image – so they're not sure how they should support their children
  • it's important that they fulfil their critical role in a young athlete’s life

Further information

Our Parents' hub has advice and resources to help parents and carers better support their children in sport.

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