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Sports case-data collection template

Topics: Case management Forms

The case data collection tool aims to help NGBs capture case data in a consistent way to provide a sports-wide picture of safeguarding case challenges and emerging themes.

Self-declaration form

Topics: Safe recruitment Forms

Self-declaration can be part of an organisation's safer recruitment process, it can provide additional information that a DBS check will not.

Photography and filming consent form

Topics: Photographing children Forms

A template that sports organisations can use to create their own photography and filming consent form.

Sample acceptable use statement for the internet and social media

Topics: Online safety Forms

Sample statement for sports clubs to help make children and parents aware of their policies on acceptable behaviour on the internet and social media.

Incident reporting form

Topics: Duty of care Case management Forms

A CPSU template you can use to create your own incident reporting form.

Safeguarding deaf and disabled children in sport checklist

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Involving children and young people Forms

This checklist is designed to help sports to support deaf and disabled athletes participating in activities within their setting.

Reference form for positions working with children

Topics: Safe recruitment Forms

A template form for sports organisations to use when contacting the references provided by an applicant for a role working with young people.

Accident-reporting form

Topics: Duty of care Case management Forms

An accident-reporting form template and procedure to be followed by a club or organisation in the event of an accident.

Away day trips and fixtures checklist

Topics: Trips, events and travel Forms

Our essential safety checklist for sport organisations.

Bullying incident report form

Topics: Anti-bullying Forms

Our bullying incident report form can be used as a template for your own form to ensure you record everything necessary.