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Children and young people in sport – getting help

Topics: Involving children and young people Type: Research

This report, which is part of the UEFA Children's Foundation charity award project, focusses on how young people in sport view ‘help’, and how the NSPCC service Childline can be there for them.

How safe are our children? 2016

Topics: Online safety Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Research Duty of care Type: Research

This NSPCC report compiles and analyses the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the four nations in the UK for 2016.

Interpersonal violence against children in sport in the Netherlands and Belgium

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Research Type: Research

This research article reports on the first large-scale prevalence study on interpersonal violence against children in sport in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Younger children and social networking sites – a blind spot

Topics: Online safety Type: Research

This 2013 NSPCC report describes the experiences of 11-12 year olds on social networking sites. It also looks at roles that parents, social network providers and regulation can play to protect them.

Overtraining syndrome and overuse injury in young athletes

Topics: Elite athletes Research Athlete wellbeing Type: Research

This article defines overuse injuries and overtraining syndrome. It looks at how prevalent they are in sport and how to reduce the risks for young athletes.

Child development report

Topics: Duty of care Research Type: Research

The CPSU commissioned a report in February 2015, 'Summary of child development ages 8-11 years for the purposes of safeguarding children in sport and leisure facilities' from Dr Vicky Lovett from Swansea University.

The foundations of abuse

Topics: Research Type: Research

This NCA CEOP report – The Foundations of Abuse: A thematic assessment of the risk of child sexual abuse by adults in institutions – observes that the current definition of 'Position of Trust' includes a limited number of roles.

NSPCC report – 'No one noticed, no one heard'

Topics: Research Type: Research

NSPCC report about young people’s experiences of childhood abuse, how they disclosed the abuse and what help was available to them.

Young athletes' perceptions on promoting positive parental behaviour in sport

Topics: Parents in sport Research Type: Research

In order to address a gap in the research into promoting positive parental behaviours in youth sport, Brunel University has interviewed a group of young athletes about their perceptions of the subject.

Spectator behaviour in sport

Topics: Parents in sport Research Type: Research

This report, developed by Children 1st's Safeguarding in Sport Service, presents the findings from a survey of children and young people's experiences of spectator behaviour and the impact of poor behaviour on them.

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