Positive sports parents – videos for coaches and clubs

Last updated: 04 Oct 2016 Topics: Parents in sport

These short videos aim to help coaches and sports clubs realise the potential of parental involvement. They discuss why it’s important to get parents involved and how to work with them to make sure children and young people enjoy and do well in their chosen sport.

The clips are excerpts from a longer interview with Dr Camilla Knight titled ‘Positive sports parents – valuing their contribution’.

Positive parents – messages for sports clubs

Key points

  • as a starting point, sports clubs need to work with parents to help them understand the critical role they play in youth sport

  • clubs need to think about parents’ commitment and the challenges they face

  • by understanding that parents are stakeholders, clubs can develop policies to work with and support parents

  • sports clubs can then start to educate parents themselves about the importance of their contribution

How can coaches work in partnership with parents?

Key points

  • learn how to best understand and work with parents

  • recognise that parents need to be involved – and that we want them to be involved

  • understand their impact on children’s sporting participation

  • work with parents from the outset to develop shared goals and ideals

  • foster positive relationships – this pays dividends in the long run

Further information

For more on this subject, see our guidance on promoting positive parental behaviour on our Parents in sport topic pages.

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