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Children and young people's worries in sport – an NSPCC report

Topics: Involving children and young people Research Type: Research

This report, which is part of the UEFA Children's Foundation charity award project, focussed on the worries young people involved in sport might have.

Safe sport events, activities and competitions

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Tools

This resource will help you to meet the safeguarding responsibilities for your event and to promote the wellbeing of all the young participants, volunteers and officials.

Mental health and wellbeing interventions in sport

Topics: Mental health and wellbeing Athlete wellbeing Type: Research

Research, published by Sport Northern Ireland, supporting the role that sports can play in promoting mental health and wellbeing for athletes and within local communities.

Harmful sexual behaviour in sport

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Webinars

A CPSU webinar looking at harmful sexual behaviour in sport and the risks to children and young people.

Recognising and responding to harmful sexual behaviour displayed by young people

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

This briefing provides an overview of sexually harmful behaviour in children and young people and recommends ways in which to address worrying behaviour.

Getting children and young people involved

Topics: Involving children and young people Type: Best practice

Listening to and engaging with children and young people participating in your club or activity can have positive benefits for your club.

NSPCC helpline posters for sports venues

Topics: Case management Safe use of changing facilities Community and school sports Type: Publications

Download a free NSPCC poster that's especially designed for sports clubs and leisure centres to highlight how you can contact the NSPCC helpline if you have concerns.

Safeguarding implementation plan template

Topics: Safeguarding standards Type: Forms

This template should accompany your safeguarding policy and be used to address areas in need of development and build upon strengths.

Safeguarding reporting procedures flowchart

Topics: Case management Type: Policies

These 3 CPSU safeguarding reporting-procedure flowcharts provide guidance for organisations on reporting concerns.

Positive sports parents – videos for coaches and clubs

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Video & audio

These short videos aim to help coaches and sports clubs realise the potential of parental involvement and how to best work with parents.