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Photography and video consent form template

Topics: Photographing children Type: Forms

A template that sports organisations can use to create their own photography and filming consent form.

Sample acceptable use statement for the internet and social media

Topics: Online safety Type: Forms

Sample statement for sports clubs to help make children and parents aware of their policies on acceptable behaviour on the internet and social media.

Sports club registration and consent form

Topics: Duty of care Type: Forms

A template for sports organisations to create their own registration and consent forms.

Protecting children from grooming and sexual abuse

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

Advice about reducing the risk of the grooming process taking place to prevent children from being sexually harmed.

Report into child sexual abuse in sport

Topics: Research Type: Publications

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has published a report looking at the research findings in relation to experiences of child sexual abuse in sport between the 1950s and 2010s.

Guidance on child protection records retention and storage

Topics: Case management Type: Best practice

Guidelines for the retention, storage and destruction of records relating to child welfare concerns or concerns about possible risk posed by employees.

Duty of care in sport

Topics: Duty of care Type: Best practice

The purpose of this briefing paper is to clarify what an organisation's duty of care entails, and to provide some guidance as to what steps can be taken in order to demonstrate that this duty is being met.

Understanding sexual offending and the grooming and entrapment process

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Webinars

This webinar looks at sexual offending and the grooming and entrapment process and what that means in the sporting environment. 

Online safety for sport

Topics: Online safety Type: Video & audio

In this podcast, we explore the how sports organisations can keep children and young people safe whilst participating in virtual sport and physical activity.

The basics of safeguarding for club welfare officers

Topics: Case management Type: Webinars

This webinar is designed as an extra resource for club welfare officers to help them fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities.