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County sports partnerships and the voices of young people

Topics: Involving children and young people Type: Webinars

This CPSU webinar explores the ways CSPs can succeed in including and promoting the views of young people within their wider, generally more strategic work.

Dec 08 2017

Listening to the voices of young people in sports organisations

Topics: Involving children and young people Type: Webinars

A CPSU webinar exploring how National Governing Bodies and sports organisations can include and promote the views of young people in their work, from club to national level.

Dec 08 2017

Sample acceptable use statement for the internet and social media

Topics: Online safety Type: Forms

Sample statement for sports clubs to help make children and parents aware of their policies on acceptable behaviour on the internet and social media.

Nov 23 2017

Sample online safety and social media policy

Topics: Online safety Type: Policies

This sample policy gives organisations an idea of the types of safeguards they should outline to protect children and young people online.

Nov 23 2017

What to look for in a sports club – a charter for parents

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Tools

Parents can use this leaflet to help choose the right club or activity for their child. It lists the safeguards that sports bodies should have in place to keep children safe.

Nov 17 2017

Empowering young people to speak out about bullying

Topics: Anti-bullying Online safety Type: Webinars

A CPSU webinar looking at how organisations can support young people to speak out about bullying. 

Nov 16 2017

Pool lifeguards and DBS eligibility

Topics: Safe recruitment Type: Best practice

This briefing outlines a consistent approach to decisions about the eligibility of pool lifeguards for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Nov 08 2017

Anti-bullying activities

Topics: Anti-bullying Type: Tools

These activities are designed to help young people in your sports club understand the negative implications of bullying.

Nov 02 2017

Incident reporting form

Topics: Duty of care Case management Type: Forms

A CPSU template you can use to create your own incident reporting form.

Nov 02 2017

Sample anti-bullying policy

Topics: Anti-bullying Type: Policies

A sample anti-bullying policy from the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit.

Nov 02 2017