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WhatsApp go-to guide for sports

Topics: Online safety Type: Tools

This WhatsApp guide provides helpful safeguarding information for sports who are thinking of using or, already using the app to communicate with children and young people. 

The impact of social media use on young athletes' body image

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Online safety Photographing children Type: Video & audio
In this podcast episode, we talk to Swim England about the impact that social media can have on young people's body image and what changes sport can make to ensure that their wellbeing is supported online. 

Anti-bullying activities for sport

Topics: Anti-bullying Type: Tools

These activities are designed to help young people in your sports club understand the negative implications of bullying.

Working together to safeguard children

Topics: Case management Safeguarding standards Type: Best practice

Working together to safeguard children, statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Preventing abuse in positions of trust in sport and activity

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

These briefing papers explain positions of trust in sport and dance and outline the legislation which was updated in June 2022 in response to the NSPCC's Close the Loophole campaign.

Positions of trust – FAQs about the changes

Topics: Duty of care Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Safe recruitment Type: Best practice

We have put together a document to answer your frequently asked questions about this change to the law regarding positions of trust. 

Overtraining syndrome and overuse injury in young athletes

Topics: Elite athletes Research Athlete wellbeing Type: Research

This research article defines overuse injuries and overtraining syndrome. It looks at how prevalent they are in sport and how to reduce the risks for young athletes.

Banter vs bullying in sport

Topics: Anti-bullying Type: Webinars

This webinar looks at the differences between banter and bullying, what sports organisations can do to manage banter and prevent bullying behaviour. 

Creating a psychologically safe culture

Topics: Elite athletes Mental health and wellbeing Type: Publications

Here are some key tips that organisations can follow to create a culture of psychological safety and promote the wellbeing and performance of their athletes.

Case data collection research project

Topics: Case management Type: Research

The case data collection tool is a piece of research coordinated between the CPSU and Loughborough University. The data collected is anonymised and analysed to identify themes and trends about safeguarding cases.