3 reasons why involving parents can benefit your sports club

Last updated: 24 Sep 2018 Topics: Working with our partners Safeguarding children Type: News article

We all want more children and young people to take part in sport. We know it's not just good for them, it's also good for clubs and sport in general to develop young players.

By involving parents in club activities and valuing their contribution, parents are more likely to encourage their children to keep taking part and support the club in developing the next generation of sporting stars. 

3 ways parents can benefit your club

There are a number reasons why having parents involved in your sports club can be beneficial but here's the top 3: 

  • increased and sustained participation – children are much more likely to take part in sport and remain engaged for longer if parents show an interest in their child’s sport. They also, more often than not, provide children with access to sport through finance and transport
  • help is on hand – willing parents can play an active role in the clubs every day activities like handing out drinks, volunteering as a linesperson or official, or even just being an extra pair of eyes on what can sometimes be, a large group of children
  • model behaviour – children can naturally get upset when they're struggling to achieve or when there's a loss. Parents can work with coaches to manage children's behaviour on and off the pitch and support coaches to create a positive environment where good sportsmanship is a priority 

Further information

Take a look at our dedicated parents pages for more information about working with parents in sport or being a great sports parent.