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Making surfing accessible for disabled young people

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Type: Best practice

We chat to Ben Clifford, founder of Surfability UK CIC, about the work they do to make surfing accessible for children and young people.

Managing challenging behaviour

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

This briefing provides practical guidelines for managing challenging behaviour from children and young people in sports activities.

Managing the applicant only disclosure and continuous updating – Model regulations

Topics: Safe recruitment Type: Best practice

These model regulations are designed to help NGBs manage the practical implications of the changes introduced by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 relating to DBS Enhanced Disclosures.

Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation

Topics: Mental health and wellbeing Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

The charter aims to influence the sports sector to support athletes' mental wellbeing and change the stigma around mental health. 

Learning from an Active Partnership's application of the Check and Challenge Tool

Topics: Safeguarding standards Community and school sports Type: Best practice

Merseyside Sports Partnership (MSP) has made the Check and Challenge Tool - developed by the CPSU - an integral element of their programme commissioning process. 

Negotiating the post-game conversation

Topics: Duty of care Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

Competitions can be emotional for children, parents and coaches, so ensuring that feedback is well-timed and delivered appropriately is very important. 

Optimising parental involvement in sport

Topics: Parents in sport Duty of care Type: Best practice

Useful guidance for parents that provides tips for how to support and encourage their child/children positively when participating in sport.

Over protective parents

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Involving children and young people Type: Best practice

This factsheet provides guidance outlines how sports can work in partnership with disabled athlete’s parents and carers.

Parents workshops – best practice example

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Best practice

Use this model for parents workshops from Welsh Gymnastics to set-up regular meetings with parents and develop better relationships. 

Personal care responsibilities for disabled athletes

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Involving children and young people Type: Best practice

This factsheet helps sports to consider personal care responsibilities for disabled young athletes.